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Hmph =.=

haihh , sometimes i feel like im gonna be more betta if i just stay .
i cant study very well in asrama .
seriously .

im afraid to tell this kinda thing to my parents .
they'll definitely say ;
its ur choise , ur the want who wants it

see ? mcm mana nak berunding ,

look , ama dpt STF .
bapak dia STF mmg pro sgt laa , ape ape je menang
but too bad ,
dia pindah .
and the reason why she pindah is ;

wat makes me really wanna pindah is that ;
i dont know how to study kat asramaa laa .
pluss , be part of an asrama-rian is very penatt .
penat nauzubillah .
for me as a beginner lah kan .
nanti dah lamalama, maybe i'll get used to it .

i am someone who loves to study in my OWN room .
whenever i wanna eat , i eat .
and if nak rehat ,
turun bawah je tgk tv sekejap .
i dont like to study depan depan org ramai .
and yea , studyy group pon x berapa suka .

here , in asrama , its different .
TOTALLY different .
usually i study kat dorm je .
mls nak turun bilik prep kat bwh .
asrama ppl , ye laa pandai kan ,
so weekend dorang tdo jee .
so bila tgk dorang tdo , ape lagii join sekaki .
see ? how lazy i am at asrama .

but wateva it is ,
god knows wats best for us , for me .
my frens always ckp ;
kau pindah mungkin ade hikmah .

GOD pls help me ,