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Desperately desperate!

here's the problem ;

about my very-nerd-looking brother , ariff .
i pity himm because he havent watch any movies for this hols .
avatar is in cinemas now ,
and i really wanted to watch this movie wit him .
he keeps talking about this movie .

when we went to KL last week ,
i tot that maybe we'll have the chance to watch the movie at sunway
because my cousin , dinie got 8a's for her pmr .
yuuppp , dia ckp kat parents dia kalau dia dpt 8a ,
the first thing that she wanted to do is "tengok wayang"
too bad , x dpt plakk kesian betul laaa :(

im gonna go back to my asrama-life within two days ,
and im not sure whether i wanna move school or not .

okayyyy out of topic BLEGH ape nihh

so my chance to watch avatar cuma tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow
i just wanna make my brother happy
ohh pleaseeeeeeeeeee

transport ;
i cannot go there (cs) by bus
because my dad wont let me , for sure .
lagi lagi bila bawak adik kannn
so im hoping for someone to pick me up and hantar balik rumah
HEHE senang je kauuuu

my another brother plakk ,
he's soooo busy smpai nak hntar adik sendiri pong takk boleh
he's going to KL this saturday so kena pack brg semuaa
ape laaaa

and my last chance ;

ayah , i know ur busy with ur workk
tapi boleh takkk hantar kami ke mana mana je yg ade panggung wayang ?

bodoh betul laaa ,
satu dunia cuti on 1st january every year
except for JOHOR
biol ekkkk
- ni ayah yg ckp ehhh -

kalaucuti kan boleh pi tengokk HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :(

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