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baru je berapa minit lepas aku balik semalam,
aku dah start nak rindu korang balik tauu -.-

well, i had fun last night
all of us did
kan kan?

talk talk talk
snap snap snap
laugh laugh laugh
err, ngumpat farah yg badan besaaa tuuu, hehe.
panggil waiter tuu .. SPEAKINGGG?!
best best best :DD

then we went to the arcade for games,
main yg mcm basketball jadah tuu
ntah pape la korangg
jerit jerit mcm org jakon.
but it was fun!

then kesian gila 'Ulwan,
excited and gabra sgt jumpa parents nadia,
haaaaa tengok,
kan da luka tuuu :P

haih, bila boleh lepak mcm tu lagi kan.
sorang tu dah la duduk KL.

takpe takpe,
Insya'Allah this thursday ada lagii ;)

Sorry for loving you. So much.

im sorry.
so sorry
i didnt mean to do all this shits to you.
ive made mistakes
and i do regrets.
i am so dissapointed for myself.

i let you go.
away from me.

there's no way im gonna have you back
here with me

you are the one ;
who knows me more than others
who sheds my tears and join me laughing
everything i ever wanted
youre perfect for me.
perfect enough.

and yet, im letting you go

i feel the pain now.
very deep inside of me.
youre not here with me anymore
and i just couldnt accept it

i still love you.
love you with ALL MY HEART.
i dont wanna let you go, really.
but i have to.

and now.
i cant stop thinking bout you.
but its already too late.

say whatever you want dila,
do whatever you like,
think whatever you wish to,
he's never gonna come back.

he's gone. and its sucks now

im sorry, but

Bersamamu with Century Logistic

well, to make it simple,
yesterday i followed my mom and her company's crew to this one program,


ive been participating this program for two years already.
and for this year,
KLUANG, JOHOR is the lucky place.

hm, we were divided into few groups,
and i, of course,
i'd stick with my mom.
weeeeee :)

at first, it was so strange being there
when people started to ask my mom,
who's that girl? new stuff here?
duhhhh, come on people.

okay, back to story.
kluang kluang kluang.
mann, what do you expect from kluang?
no so best as jb duh.
but but but,
the toilets are great!
you should have seen it.
i mean, not so great,
but for kluang, i think,
this is what we call ;

my mom couldnt stop talkin bout the toilet,
she was so proud.
mybe because she was born in kluang.
yupp, so thats why. lol.

okay okay.
enough with the toilets.

no more talking,
just go through the pics yeah.

they were carrying all the foods and some other stuff for the poor.

ive learned something.
something everybody should learn too.
we gotta care about others too.
dont be so proud about whatever we have now,
yeah, life is like roller coasters,
there is ups and downs moments in our life.
once your doomed,
its not easy to come back like you used to.
so, be grateful ;)

ecececehh :P

before we went back, the BOSS decided to stop at this one kedai,
where there were a lots and lots of kuih rayaaa,
aww aww and guess what,
HE, yeah the boss, he foot the bill!
awesomeeee :P

so, i took FIVE TELAP of kuih raya.
nothing else, just for youuu,

lega already.
ive solved my five telap problem.
without spending any bugs.
err, should i just say yay?


The real bestfriends ;)

words cant describe how much you guys mean to me.
the best thing i have ever had ;

Nur Amalina Nadiah binti Mustafa Kamal.
she's just fine.
she'll starting to be crazy when it comes to this one young man.
dude, ADEL and AMEL.
remember? :P

Ahmad 'Ulwan bin Ismahadi
he is what we call, sotong. haha.
he's great. a very good person to spend time with.
never regrets knowing him.

hoping to see you guys on thursday! <3

Happy Holidays people!

finally, im home.
i am just so blessed now.
buka with my family is just one of the great things ever.

gotta lot to storystory.
lecturers and that telap thingy,
macik with the johns


whatever it is.
im homee babyyy :DD