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Krik Krik.

sunyi sunyi sunyi.
bayangkan. daripada 3000 students KMJ ni,
sekarang cuma ada 39 org je lol

nak pergi toilet,
angin je yg teman.
sunyi sgt lah
tapi sunyi sunyi pun best jugak tau hee

duduk dlm bilik dengan tiara je
roommate yg lain semua balik esok
nak belajar pun tade mood nih,
so since i bring my laptop here,
apa lagi, movie marathon lah kami berdua kannn

my wife is a gangster
confessions of a shopaholic

haih cepat lah habis exam, nak outing and shopping puaspuas! teeettt

Beriani Village Cafe.

this cafe is superduper awesome i tell you!
the food here,
OMG, like seriously marvellous!
pedas masam masin manis semua ada.
apa je kau nak?

but mainly makanan india lah kan. hehe.
whatever, i still like it.
ada roti naaaaannnnn!
nyummyyyyy ;DDD

the roti naan was good ;) lovelovelove <3 wuuuuuu T_T nak pergi lagiii

The Zone.

location : Eden Garden, The Zone, JB
time : aroung 8.30 PM

eceehhh mcm investigator pulaks. ehhe

yeah, i had a great time with my family.
it has been a long long time since i havent met them for like,
one month ++ already
haaaaa i miss them a lot!

okay dah.
malas nak upload banyakbanyak ;D

CNY Greetings.

to all my chinese friends out there,


hope you guys will enjoy your holiday,
and get manymany $$$$!
hahha *evil laugh*


oh yeah, talking bout CNY,
i am feeling very excited to talk about my
CNY celebration at KMJ.
seriously, it was the best celebration ever lah!
even the lecturers were so proud of them ( the chinese students )

they have made a very good and greatgreatgreat job.
i love it! all of us did!
the opening was fun too!
and i couldnt help my eyes from looking at FONG and CHONG!
( eventhough they dont know me kannn )
heeeee ;D

the starting performance ;

yeah, dila and friends!
well, the acting is kind of boring,
so it is better for us to take a few pics of ourselves.
isnt it? hehe ;D

the last performance, a choir ;

and wallahhh, its him! CHONG! haha
hes handsome. way too handsome for a shinese guy. lol.
i didnt get to take his picture properly as the crowd were all shouting like hell.
and my friends were laughing and screeming as well.
so.. haih.
but at least, i got his picture! winkwink!

it was great. i had a lot of fun.
lepas tu balik bilik kan mmg tak boleh stop talking about chong.
dah lah pandai menari, dushdush.

ps ; there's the sound of fireworks here, near my house.


thanks for the sweet gift madam!
and thanks for the wish as well.
we, MT6 appreciate it so much <3

seriously, it tastes so good!

and to you, may you have a great holiday!
and stay beautiful okay ;D
trust me, you are one pretty lady, madam.
yeah yeah, not to forget,


Insya'Allah ;)

Seriously, a lover.

seriously and honestly,
imma KPOP lover now.
i cant believe im saying this.
but yeah, thats the truth.


ive been asking a lot of my friends about all this kpop stuffs.
ive been downloading almost all of the korean reality shows,
searching about all the popular korean groups,
and ive been updating myself to all the news about korean artists.
from zero, now, im reaching to nearly 50% already.
i mean, i started to know most of the korean artist,
their songs, their scandals, and all that.
ye lah, budak baru belajar kan.

i am not addicted, i am just..
err, just that i dont want to miss a single story/news about them.
thats why ive been doing all those creepy stuff. lol.
yeah, its kinda creepy for me, i guess.

im obviously not a fan of kpop.
and yeah, all of my friends know that.
and she will never be.

err but that was then, this is now.
im starting to like it very badly.
i tried to memorize the korean songs.
and even talk like a korean.
WTH?! seriously OMG.
im crazy.

i cant really remember how i was introduced to all this kpop thingy.
maybe because of my roommate? TIARA?

yupp. definitely tiara.

she told me about some of the korean dramas,
she, somehow, told me a little about how the stories went, the actors,
dannn, KECOMELAN KECOMELAN cerita tu jugak.

well, i think that was the time i started to like this korean thingy.
starting from dramas, then to the songs and to the news.
and now, its driving me nuts!
like seriously weh!

my interest in this korean thingy doubled up when
my bestfriends ; QILA NADIA MIA, the superduperbig fans of kpop.
( they know most of everything. MOST, i tell you )
they sometimes talk to each other about kpop
and they'll be really excited talking about it.
and ill be on the other side, doing my own things.
not listening to them.

but now, not anymore. hahaha.
i'll listen to their conversation, i'll join them! haha

they were all very surprised seeing my drastic transformation, lol.
sometimes they'll tease me
and i'll be like ; yeah whatever. shut up.

i really dont know what had happened. to me.
how is this going to stop?
( well i think it'll never stopped HAHAHA )

i just hope that im not going to be addicted.
and i still can focus on my studies.
like my friends did.
they are the best role model.

ok enough already.

i dont have any regrets liking kpop.
it is not good thing or a bad thing either.
its all up to the person himself.
as long as i can manage my time to study and to watch those dramas properly,
and is able to focus on my studies,
it'll be fine.


Rude Boys? Naaahhh.

heres the story.
about this one boy,
yang selalu escape kuliah.
SELALU sgt escape.
mmg dah popular lah nama dia tu kan.

bukannye satu kuliah je, tapi semua.
dia dtg ikut suka hati, ikut sukasuki mood dia je.
honestly lah, dia mmg ada rupa, handsome.
tapi bila dah perangai mcm tu,
rupa pun tak ke mana lah kan.

so one day,
lecturer bio mcm dah tak tahan sgt dengan budak ni,
asyik tak dtg je,
and tak bg surat pulak tu kan.
so my lecturer decided to let this boy, and a few of his friends,
untuk explain kan topic "KREB CYCLE"
(did i spell it right? duhh who cares lol)
lecturer tu dah lama suruh dia expalin,
tp dia tak buatbuat pun.

sampai lah satu hari ni,
baru that boy and the gang nak present kan topic tu.
that day happened to be the last day for the lecturer tu untuk ajar kuliah kitorang.
dan hari tu mmg sgt moody.
bukan moody mcm marah ke apa,
cuma lecturer tu tibatiba keluarkan air mata
she was feeling so sad to leave us.
and i still remember what she said ;

"dalam banyakbanyak kuliah saya pernah ajar,
saya tak tau kenapa lah, saya gembira sgt bila ajar kuliah awak.
sebab semuanya melayu kan, saya jadi selesa"

well something like that lah.
and right after she said that,
semua org mcm terharu + sebak lah kan.
same goes to me ;/

then cikgu tnye lagi budak tu,
whether dia nak present kat depan ke tak.
tak lama lepas tu, budak tu pun turun dengan muka konon macho la kan.
ew ew.

ni yg mcm rude gila.
instead of presenting us about the topic,
he showed us something.. err, i could say that he had showed us something stupid.
reaaaallllyyy stupid.

ada ke patut, mulamula tu,
he showed us a few pictures of his classmates yg lawaklawak.
semuaaa satu kuliah tu gelak gila babeng.
okay fine, kalau nak cheer kan mood kitorang tu takpelah kan.
but somehow, i think that he was trying to humiliate some of his classmates.
ada gmba classmate dia tengah tidur lah, nganga mulut besarbeesar lah.
i seriously dont know what was his intention of showing all the pictures,
but yeah, it is very rude.

then, dia boleh pulak tunjuk video jogetjoget ntah pape.
bukannya cerita pasal cycle tu.

ntah la ek,
dia fikir diri dia hebat kot bila buat presentation mcm tu.
dia fikir orang lagi sokong dia lah?
ew ew ew not me. seriously.
semua dlm kuliah tu mcm tak puas hati dengan kau weh.
kau buat muka belakang cikgu.
kau fikir kitotang tak nampak ke?
walaaweeehhh so rude.

aku bukan nak ckp buruk lah,
tp aku rasa apa yg kau cuba nak smpaikan haritu sebanarnya kau saje je nak permainkan/perbodohkan cikgu.
cikgu tu punya lah happy teaching our kuliah,
kau boleh buat mcm ni eh.


haih. teenagers nowadays.
teruk teruk lah.
i mean, bukan semua,
certain lah.

cuba fikir balik,
kalau kita buat mcm tu kat lecturer or anyone yg beri kita ilmu,
mana nak smpai keberkatan tu?
i didnt say that i am good enough to say this.
but i really respect all of my lecturers and teachers.
orang yg tak pandai pun, bila dia hormat cikgucikgu dia,
mot possible untuk dia jadi orang yg berguna satu hari nanti.

ps ; yeah, kalau lah kau ada terbaca post ni kan, sorry. but this is my bog. you dont have the right to be mad at me. think.

My dad hates cats!

cats cats cats.

well, i was so surprised when i saw this cute lil cat,
right infront of the door.
mcm menyambut kepulangan tuan dia nih pulak.
heee :)

actually there are three more.
but then, abang ckp, lagi dua ekor tu dah selamat ke heaven.
luckily, this one ni sgt cute and manja.
i loooiiikkkeee :D

ps ; i dont really believe the mitos that if we took pictures of cats or any other animals, it will die soon. really?

When raining,

yeah people.
its raining heavily outside
and im here, alone, in my room
with no other furnitures, just my bed and my wardrobe left.

no, im not gonna move lah.
just that, my room is going to have a little makeover.
all the furnitures, gave it to the poors already.
and the new one is going to arrive soon!
oh i cant wait!

okay dushdush enough with my room.


so just now, i went to Badan, Angsana.
just to buy some books and stationaries,
and yeah using the RM200 vouchers!

frankly, i dont really know what book to buy,
i dont really use any extra revision book since highschool, so i dont what what brand or publisher is good, its kinda difficult for me though.
for me, the notes that is given to me is just fine. lol.
so i called nadia and she recommended me some.
and i feel so glad. heart you, friend!

i bought only three books,
and the rest are all stationaries.
and my brother's calcultaor as well.
kesian dia pakai yg 350 punya.
no wonder la you keep asking me whether i use my calculator or not. haih.
sorry abang! u grew up way too fast,
i can hardly remember that you are one of the seniors at school now.
16 already! hehe :P

too bad,
the total price was only 150 bugs.
the balance?
well ayah ckp simpan je dulu.
kat tangkak maybe boleh pakai lagi kan.

i saw this one women, doing her things-i dont know how to describe lah, she was like, err, painting. is it? well, whatever it is, that was how the batik was made actually.

then, i went to Giant.
yeayea, the place that i always go every saturday.
this time, i didnt follow my dad.
we were separated.
and this time too,
i bought a few shawls, a pair of flatshoes, and an awesome baju kurung.
i just like the design, and the cutting. and the color as well!

imma shopaholic, am I?
lol. i tell you, you'll not gonna regret if you were in my shoes.
because? because its cheap! hehehe :D

GOSHH I AM A SHOPAHOLIC, NO DOUBT. *bigbig sigh now*

i still remember, mama ckp
" haih duit tu kalau bagi dila, macam air je kan "

hehe, mom, seriously, i got what you mean.

You know, this feeling!

yeahh baby,
im home! im home! im home!
i am sooo glad im home already.
frankly, i am feeling soo great now.


I'm lovin' it!

oh oh.
i just love this shawl.
ada corak leopard sikit!
haha :D

but okay fine,
dlm gmba tu tak nampak la der.
bacause the corak is on top.

Me favourite sport!

rindu gila boleh tak.
teringat masa plkn dulu.
every evening, bila riadah je mesti main bola tampar.
boys and girls campur je.

haih kat sini?
ada je yg main campur campur,
tapi semua tuu exPDT.
segan lahhhh :(


One of a kind lecturer.

okay, here's the story.
one of my lecturers,
he is not a malay.
and he's teaching me English.

for the first few months in KMJ,
he was okay.
but then, bila dah masuk mid semester one,
he was like,
easily mad to everybody.
just a minor mistake from us,
will spoil his mood for the whole day.
and yeah,
when he is angry,
no one can say anything.
no, not a single word.

he is totally a hot tempered man.

then, bila dah masuk semester two,
we were hoping that we could get another different lecturer,
unfortunately, its him AGAIN. duh.
not that i dont like him,
but honestly, he is making all of us here,

i tell you,
everybody was making that OH-NO-NOT-THIS-LECTURER-AGAIN face.
semua tanakkkk.
but TERPAKSA. i repeat, TERPAKSA.

okay fine.
mulamula boleh tahan lah kena marah kan.
but when all of us dah start doing our assignments,
which is about a research (depending on what our purpose is),
and bila ada salah sikit je kat assignments tu,
dia akan start marah COW COW punyaa lah.

wth -..-
okay, memang it is our fault.
but you, as our lecturer,
you have to guide us.
i mean, teach us which is right, which is wrong.
like other lecturers did.
dangggg, instead of doing that,
you keep on saying bad things towards us,
keep on being mad and sulking to everybody.
not only my class. but other classes as well.

we are tired, tired of you being like this.
we were thinking of making a letter about your behaviour and just give it directly to pengarah.
but, err, i just dont know.
takut tersalah tindakan pulak kan.
so, we were thinking of meeting pihak kaunselor.
hopefully, they'll do something.

i have to say that we got so many things to do here.
lab reports, assignments, tutorials etc.
there are a lot of things that we have to consider.
not only your works, and your feelings.

u want us to be perfect.
okay, we'll try.
(in fact, we have already tried hard enough)
but what about our feelings?
with you acting like that for almost every class,
i cant take it anymore.

you know what,
last time ago, we were very excited to enter your class.
but now, not anymore.
some of us are feeling very scared meeting you.

someone has to do something.
or maybe, i'll be that someone.

A perfect birthday prank!

gila lah.
perfect timing kot.
amek kau.

ape doh kau azmer,
aku punya lah bnyk kalik aku ajak kau pergi mandi,
kau boleh bergayuuuttt. lama pulak tu.
berjanggut doh aku tunggu kau.
menyirap je.
kau atas katil guling guling gayut,
aku ngan fath dah seboksebok ngumpat pasal kau.

kesian yg lain tu.
semua dah terkepam dlm bilik air tuuuu.
dah ready, tinggal tunggu kau,
nak simbah je dengan air tu.


serious, aku tatau berapa lama jeber rendam stokin tu.
hahaha sumpah busuk!
nasib kau lah azmer sayang.

sweet 19!
sayang kau lebih <3