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Sorry for loving you. So much.

im sorry.
so sorry
i didnt mean to do all this shits to you.
ive made mistakes
and i do regrets.
i am so dissapointed for myself.

i let you go.
away from me.

there's no way im gonna have you back
here with me

you are the one ;
who knows me more than others
who sheds my tears and join me laughing
everything i ever wanted
youre perfect for me.
perfect enough.

and yet, im letting you go

i feel the pain now.
very deep inside of me.
youre not here with me anymore
and i just couldnt accept it

i still love you.
love you with ALL MY HEART.
i dont wanna let you go, really.
but i have to.

and now.
i cant stop thinking bout you.
but its already too late.

say whatever you want dila,
do whatever you like,
think whatever you wish to,
he's never gonna come back.

he's gone. and its sucks now

im sorry, but

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