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Maaf ye, blog semakin hari semakin dipinggirkan. Haha.
Not really into blogging nowadays as I have a lot more to do.
But I wont leave my blog just like that.
I do check my blog once in a while, but dah tak selalu bercerita like dulu dulu :P

Here I am.
In front of my lappy, trying to put it all into words.
Err. How should I start eh?

Okay okay.
I am just soooo glad and happy now.
Hati berbunga bunga youu :P

After a year and a half without a boyfriend.
After a year and a half of jealousy lookin at other couples.
After a year and a half tryin to figure out what the hell is wrong with me.
After a year and a half.. suffering? Lol. No no. Tu dah mcm over tau hehe.
I mean, after a year and a half being lonely..

Hahaha. Im just so excited.
I dont know why lol.

I dont think Im gonna talk much about him, or about us.
Kami baru in a relationship seminggu lebih je.
Tapi kenal dah agak lama lah.

Whatever it is, however it is,
I hope he can lead me to be a better person.
I hope he can take good care of me.
I hope he can accept me just the way I am.

And I really hope that our relationship stays until the end of time.
That our love will never fade away.
No matter how far we'd be from each other.

You, I love you more that words can explain.
I care about you.
And I really wanna be your one and only.
I'll try my best to be the best for you!

Me love you! <3

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