20/JohorBahru,Malaysia/A blogger since 2008/Professional and Intellectual Accountant to be.

I've tried my best, no regrets.

no regrets.


and now, i have to move on,
look forward.
wat to do next.

btw, my results
was not so bad,
but wateva it is.
its not like, the end of the world.

there are many more challenges out there,
that im going to face.
SPM is just the first step for me.

to themthem,,
congrats for ur results.
and for all TL crew (SAKTI)
ily <3 and imy <3 eventhough we couldnt break last year's record, im still happy wit our achievements! :) to mom&dad, u guys are the best! SYG MAMA AYAH SGT SGT <3<3 ps : I AM SO OUT OF MEDIC.

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