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Expo UTM

baru balik from UTM skudai
basically, i didnt know wat was going on there
sbb there were a lot of stalls
selling many kinds of things
kat tapak konvo dorang =.='

thats not wat m trying to talk about

pergi kat roadshow utm
dalam satu booth yg agak besar la jugak
it was nice,
i got a lot of informations about a lot of courses
i repeat, A LOT.

and surprisingly, i met LAT
LAT is a famous cartoonist *wink
tatau kenape rase bangga gle dpt jumpa die

thinking of buying one of his books,
and getting his signature in it,
but too bad,
ramai sgt org laa.
MALAS nak beratur

time aku nak beli time tu la korang nak beli jugak,
ta phm betol laa manusia manusia ni =.='

so, amek gambar je laa :)

ps : i got this pen. green color. kat booth mane tah,
showing the "thumbs up" symbol
somehow i think it is a very unique pen.
saye agak jakon, o.O

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