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Proud sister. Congrats!

dila : ayah, dah tau result ariff ke belum?
ayah : belum, dah hantar sms, tapi tak replyreply pun.
dila : its okay. nanti dah tau, let me know okay.

betulbetul lepas lunch tadi,
i received a message.
right after reading the message,
i screamed. OUT LOUD.
until all my roommates looked at me,
as if i won something big.
*dorang tengok mcm nak marah pun ada jugak*

danggg, i was so happy for you, abang!
congrats congrats and congrats!
everybody was worried of your results,
well, actually, only BM that we were worried about.
abang pun kan?

but then, u scored A for BM what?
so? haha.

eventhough i was not there with you,
i could imagine mama and ayah's face.
how happy they were.


suka lah semua orang kat KL kan.
buat celebration dapat 8a.
i mean, just makan besar.
with family penang sana.
( makanan mesti sedap kan T_T )
duhhh i am so jealous okay.
dulu masa akak, tade pun makan makan besar nih.
that was longlong time ago.
who really cares?

ps ; congrats to haziq also!

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