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Hang out

texted shaf .
sot set sot set .
ok , confirm g cs ari ni .

went to mph and popular .
bought two novels there .
and yupp , meg cabot punya mesti ade ok .ko kat ne ?

few mins later ,
dia dtg ngan emy n hafiz .
budak skola mane tahh .


watched 17 again starring zac efron .
have to admit that his kinda hot , maybe .

i prefer fighting much much more than this movie .
channing tatum ! OMGGGGG !
hahhaa xleh tahan dohhh .

** dak laki mcm baboon je , kate nak join tp tgk different movies .


.nuryn. said...

his kinda hot?
he IS hot dila.

diladola said...

nurin ,
i know u LOVE him soo much .
u keep saying his hott watsoeva .
yayaya . kind of . hee .
u and shaf ,
fighting bout this guy rite ?
hahhahh .

luckily korang x amik tatum .
pheewwwwhh .