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People nowadays.

kenapa wujud org sebegini ?

ppl that stares at other ppl who wears outfit glamorously with branded handbags watsoeva .

stupid .
if ppl dress nicely ,
ade je yg x puas hati .
sendiri sendiri aa minah .
xyah nak kecahh beb .

look , imma very simple prson , obviously .
i didnt wear make up and i dont wish to .
natural beautyy syg . heh .

this is wat i always wear ;

watch - mesti ade

believe it or not , yess .
i dont care if some of my friends condemn me for being simple .
i just love being simple ok .
just be yourself la minahh .
there's no need for u to dress richly , stunningly just because
ur frens always dress like that .

lagi best kalau kita dress simple je ,
tapi ape yg kita pkai semua branded stuff .
rite ? huh .

when i go out to some places ,
especially tempat tempat mcm cs or tc .
of course la ade nmpk some ppl who wears their outfit
mcm duduk kat london or hawaii or blabla .
ade jugak yg pkai baju terdedah dedah ann .
i dont mind , i dont care .
i dont have the rite to stop them from wearing it .
its their lifes , their choices .
why do we have to menyebok ?

macik macik kat luar tu plak ,
can u just shut ur mouth and just try jgn tgk dorang lama lama .
pleaseee lahh . can u ?

they didnt even look at u and comment wat ur wearin .
kacau hidup kauu kaa ?
pkai cantik sikit je ,
ckp anak org kaya laa .
nak show off laa .
konon bajet laa .
euwwwww .

goshh . cmmon la beb .

1 comment:

asilah zafirah said...

yee,stuju ckp dila.
why some ppl.
should think.
yg pkai lawa lawa jee
msty nk show off laa.
poyo laaa
ape aa
nyampah bole?