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The awesome Transformers!

hooyyaaaahhhh .
i've watched this movie .
just now at tc .

crowded .
everybody go for transformers .
beratur tanak lg pnjg plakk .

luckily my mom asked this one cute lil boy
to buy the tickets for me and my bro .
muchas gracias mom !

12.30 n 1.30 punya tickets da sold out .
no choice , kena amik 2.30 .
and guess wat ?
my seat A7 .
depan sekali .

waaaaaaaaa .
mcm nak nangis je .
sakit leher tau x .
i didnt buy any popcorns .
borriiinggg .

mase optimus prime nak mati ,
wahhh , hampir nangis .
mase sam mati sekejap ,
wahhh , hampir nangis lagi .
shhh emosional betul aa

i hate the part where there's a hott chick ,
which happens to be a predacon , got into sam's room ,
and try to steal some knowledge from sam's mind .
mygod , disgusting !

i love the part where sam ckp something to his dad ;
" u run , u dont stop , u dont hide , u just run "
its not exactly mcm tu .
so-so la .

and mikaela ,
ur gorgeous babyy .

waiting for harry potter and G.I.Joe


Kuyem said...

she's a he

diladola said...

hah yea sure of course :DD