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When raining,

yeah people.
its raining heavily outside
and im here, alone, in my room
with no other furnitures, just my bed and my wardrobe left.

no, im not gonna move lah.
just that, my room is going to have a little makeover.
all the furnitures, gave it to the poors already.
and the new one is going to arrive soon!
oh i cant wait!

okay dushdush enough with my room.


so just now, i went to Badan, Angsana.
just to buy some books and stationaries,
and yeah using the RM200 vouchers!

frankly, i dont really know what book to buy,
i dont really use any extra revision book since highschool, so i dont what what brand or publisher is good, its kinda difficult for me though.
for me, the notes that is given to me is just fine. lol.
so i called nadia and she recommended me some.
and i feel so glad. heart you, friend!

i bought only three books,
and the rest are all stationaries.
and my brother's calcultaor as well.
kesian dia pakai yg 350 punya.
no wonder la you keep asking me whether i use my calculator or not. haih.
sorry abang! u grew up way too fast,
i can hardly remember that you are one of the seniors at school now.
16 already! hehe :P

too bad,
the total price was only 150 bugs.
the balance?
well ayah ckp simpan je dulu.
kat tangkak maybe boleh pakai lagi kan.

i saw this one women, doing her things-i dont know how to describe lah, she was like, err, painting. is it? well, whatever it is, that was how the batik was made actually.

then, i went to Giant.
yeayea, the place that i always go every saturday.
this time, i didnt follow my dad.
we were separated.
and this time too,
i bought a few shawls, a pair of flatshoes, and an awesome baju kurung.
i just like the design, and the cutting. and the color as well!

imma shopaholic, am I?
lol. i tell you, you'll not gonna regret if you were in my shoes.
because? because its cheap! hehehe :D

GOSHH I AM A SHOPAHOLIC, NO DOUBT. *bigbig sigh now*

i still remember, mama ckp
" haih duit tu kalau bagi dila, macam air je kan "

hehe, mom, seriously, i got what you mean.

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