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One of a kind lecturer.

okay, here's the story.
one of my lecturers,
he is not a malay.
and he's teaching me English.

for the first few months in KMJ,
he was okay.
but then, bila dah masuk mid semester one,
he was like,
easily mad to everybody.
just a minor mistake from us,
will spoil his mood for the whole day.
and yeah,
when he is angry,
no one can say anything.
no, not a single word.

he is totally a hot tempered man.

then, bila dah masuk semester two,
we were hoping that we could get another different lecturer,
unfortunately, its him AGAIN. duh.
not that i dont like him,
but honestly, he is making all of us here,

i tell you,
everybody was making that OH-NO-NOT-THIS-LECTURER-AGAIN face.
semua tanakkkk.
but TERPAKSA. i repeat, TERPAKSA.

okay fine.
mulamula boleh tahan lah kena marah kan.
but when all of us dah start doing our assignments,
which is about a research (depending on what our purpose is),
and bila ada salah sikit je kat assignments tu,
dia akan start marah COW COW punyaa lah.

wth -..-
okay, memang it is our fault.
but you, as our lecturer,
you have to guide us.
i mean, teach us which is right, which is wrong.
like other lecturers did.
dangggg, instead of doing that,
you keep on saying bad things towards us,
keep on being mad and sulking to everybody.
not only my class. but other classes as well.

we are tired, tired of you being like this.
we were thinking of making a letter about your behaviour and just give it directly to pengarah.
but, err, i just dont know.
takut tersalah tindakan pulak kan.
so, we were thinking of meeting pihak kaunselor.
hopefully, they'll do something.

i have to say that we got so many things to do here.
lab reports, assignments, tutorials etc.
there are a lot of things that we have to consider.
not only your works, and your feelings.

u want us to be perfect.
okay, we'll try.
(in fact, we have already tried hard enough)
but what about our feelings?
with you acting like that for almost every class,
i cant take it anymore.

you know what,
last time ago, we were very excited to enter your class.
but now, not anymore.
some of us are feeling very scared meeting you.

someone has to do something.
or maybe, i'll be that someone.

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