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CNY Greetings.

to all my chinese friends out there,


hope you guys will enjoy your holiday,
and get manymany $$$$!
hahha *evil laugh*


oh yeah, talking bout CNY,
i am feeling very excited to talk about my
CNY celebration at KMJ.
seriously, it was the best celebration ever lah!
even the lecturers were so proud of them ( the chinese students )

they have made a very good and greatgreatgreat job.
i love it! all of us did!
the opening was fun too!
and i couldnt help my eyes from looking at FONG and CHONG!
( eventhough they dont know me kannn )
heeeee ;D

the starting performance ;

yeah, dila and friends!
well, the acting is kind of boring,
so it is better for us to take a few pics of ourselves.
isnt it? hehe ;D

the last performance, a choir ;

and wallahhh, its him! CHONG! haha
hes handsome. way too handsome for a shinese guy. lol.
i didnt get to take his picture properly as the crowd were all shouting like hell.
and my friends were laughing and screeming as well.
so.. haih.
but at least, i got his picture! winkwink!

it was great. i had a lot of fun.
lepas tu balik bilik kan mmg tak boleh stop talking about chong.
dah lah pandai menari, dushdush.

ps ; there's the sound of fireworks here, near my house.

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