20/JohorBahru,Malaysia/A blogger since 2008/Professional and Intellectual Accountant to be.

From the bottom of my heart.

I am not a good blogger.
I dont have any gempakgempak stories for me to write.
I only write about me, myself. And, what is happening around me.
I write whenever I want.
And I just write whatever I want.

Sometimes, I do feel jealous looking at other people's blog.
Their blogs are very attractive, and of course lah ramai followers hehe.
I dont like those fancyfancy layout.
Imma simple person, just look at my blog. Kan?
suciii jee hehe
Sedar tak sedar, I became a blogger since 2008 already.
Up till now, baru 200 lebih post je. (Banyak yang dah delete sebab entah pape kan)

But it's okay.
Ada ke takde orang nak baca,
I will continue to post.
Kenapa susah susah nak fikir apa pandangan orang lain kan?
I write stories too. So tade banyak beza pun :)

Ini bukan menagih simpati, Ini hanyalah luahan rasa tidak puas hati kepada blogger yang lain wahahaha

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