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Nikon D90 to explore!

Okay, this is not officially my camera. This is for family use lah.
But still, when people ask me whos camera is this,
Duh what more to say, mestilah kita akan cakap camera kita kan.

But basically, my mom bought this camera for me to explore, to learn more about photohgraphy.
I dont know, but maybe she thinks that I am good at taking pictures (sometimes) and also, I love making short videos. ( so-so lah )
And among all my family members, I am the one who always stick to my camera 24-7 hehe


So, Ive been having private class every tuesday.
To learn photography of course.
But just dont put high expectations on me since all the photos that I took were not good enough. Yet.
Awh I feel really bad.
And mom, dont be sooo dissapointed pasal semua photo that I took masa program Bersamamu Century tuu :(
Yeah, Im still learning.
It takes time kan.

I am now, soooo madly in love with this camera.
Yeah, as many people would say ;
Canon specially made for quantity.
While Nikon specially made for quality.

That is so true. (I guess?)
My D90 is not bad.
Just that, I need to explore more.

Selain kelas kelas tu semua,
I am also watching tutorials for DSLR kay youtube, especially Nikon D90 lah kan.
Ive learned a lot.
And I hope ilmu ilmu ni boleh dipakai for raya.

Lain tau.
Ada certain people beli DSLR just because orang lain beli, and just for fun.
And bila dila amik gambar mcm mana pun,
dia still rasa satisfied cause dia pakai DSLR.

But for me,
since Ive learned about photography (a bit)
Now I know how to differentiate good photos and not-so-good photos.
Kadang kadang orang cakap gambar tu lawa,
but for me, tak cukup lagi.
Kena buat lagi better.
And I still need to explore more.

Haaa gitu :D
Again, Thanks a lot Ma.

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