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Yeahh. I miss blogging. Come on, seriously memang jarang lah nak update blog sekarang. Kalau dulu, peh everyday update kan hihi :D

Im sorry, its either Im just too busy/tire or Im just too lazy/not in the mood to post stories. Hm.

But no worries, I will not gonna abandon my blog. Nahhh.

Okay, Ive been resting and lepak-ing and socializing kat rumah ni for like 3-4 months already. And I am seriously bored. Everybody here is working. My dad, my mom, my brother. And my younger sister and brother pulak schooling kan. So, its just me and my bibik heheh.

So far, sepanjang cuti nih, theres a lot of things that I did actually.
Sampai nak cerita pun dah tak teringat dah hihi. But most importantly lah kan, I miss my friends soo much. I have a lot of friends. But well, semua dah ada their own commitment kan, so everybody is kind of busy, andd.. you knowww. Cuti pun tak lama. well. what to do. But im still happy cause at least, we're still in contact! :D

I miss all of my friends. But ada certain friends that i miss the most. Lets see..

Guys, this is Siddiq. PLKN brought us together. We were in the same company (ALPHA) and from time to time, we get to know each other secara rapat. During PLKN tu tak lah rapat sangat, but after that, we keep in touch through skype, facebook. we chat, we talk, we video call, and we even sing together. Awhh i miss all those times I have had with him. He's a great friend. Im just so lucky to have a friend like him. I can talk about.. like, everything with him. Siddiq, rindu kau ngeng :D

And this is Amy. We used to study in the same school for three years. We use to be classmates. We used to talk about our mother, a lot, sebelum van datang amik kitorang balik sekolah haha. Im not that close to her. Kalau compare dengan kawan kawan lain, dia ni kira yang so-so lah. But since ktorang keluar haritu, tiba tiba jadi rapat semacam pulak. heh? haha. shes just crazy. reaaaalll crazy.. and nice too! Amy, aku rindu kau, kau tau tak? :D

Alaaaa banyak lagi lah kawan kawan yang dirindui nih. Belambak. But CURRENTLY, these two yang aku rindu gila, tatau nape haihh.

But guys, kalau korang ada terbaca post ni, dont get me wrong okay. Korang pun aku rindu jugaaakkk :')

Take Care, xoxo

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